Romantic dinner
Dinning in Atlanta: A Romantic Night

Romance is something that everyone needs help with from time to time. For those who are traveling to Atlanta or are located in Atlanta, there are plenty of restaurants that are going to provide a romantic atmosphere for you and your significant other. Lucky for you, given the size of Atlanta, there are plenty of restaurants that are not only going to be delicious, but there are numerous options to choose from.

What Makes a Restaurant Romantic?

The one common theme that you will find about all of these restaurants is that they are designed with romance and privacy in mind. These restaurant often have décor that is meant to stimulate conversation among the patrons, rather than playing loud music. The food is a huge element of romance as well, as the food was designed to share, taste and truly experience. For those who are looking for an amazing date night, then any of these restaurants is going to fit their needs.

Pasta da Pulcinella

If you love Italian, then this is the restaurant for you. This is located in the heart of Atlanta, downtown. Due to its location and size, many people tend to forget that this amazing restaurant is located amongst all the skyscrapers. They offer daily specials, vegetarian option and their prices are considered reasonable.

1123 Peachtree Walk NE

Atlanta GA 30309

(404) 876-1114


This is one of those restaurants that can only be found in Atlanta. This strictly an adult restaurant and is meant to be sexy and romantic. The decorations include burgundy walls along with sexy photographs hanging no these walls. They have numerous types of dishes, all meant to be romantic and sexy.

2285 Peachtree Rd NE

Suite 100

Atlanta GA 30309

(404) 228-7963


Those who walk into Wisteria are going to be amazed at the old world charm that this restaurant has. In addition, they are going to find that the food is a nice blend of American cuisine with Southern flare and other worldly dishes. The restaurant has lots of class, and is often considered a great place for a romantic meal.

471 North Highland Avenue Northeast

Atlanta GA 30307

(404) 525-3363


Aria is known throughout Atlanta as one of the best date night restaurants when looking for romance. They serve modern American cuisine. But, what makes this place so romantic is the fact their décor inspires privacy and passion.

490 East Paces Ferry Rd NE

Atlanta GA 30305

(404) 233-7673


This is not only a romantic restaurant, but on that is going to interest those who are into organic eating. Many of the ingredients and plates served in the restaurant come from the farm of the owners. Thus, you are going to find something different each time. The restaurant is a five course restaurant so be prepared to stay for a lengthy amount of time.

1198 Howell Mill Road

Atlanta GA 30318

(404) 365-0410

If you are ready for a night out with your loved one, then wait no longer. These Atlanta restaurants are going to not only be delicious, but may be the one way to put a bit of spark back into your relationship. And they are sure to have some fantastic food! Impress your couple with those dinner tips and those love tips!